About GP Health Connect

GP Health Connect is a Federation of 9 GP Practices in the Runcorn and Widnes area, comprising the following surgeries:


GP Practices in GP Health Connect


  • Brookvale Practice
  • Castlefields Health Centre
  • Grove House Partnership (Grove House and Heath Road)
  • Murdishaw Health Centre
  • Tower House Practice
  • Weavervale Practice


  • Bevan Group Practices (Beaconsfield and West Bank)
  • Newtown Surgery
  • Upton Rocks Surgery


The need for a GP Federation

Our Practices recognise the difficult times facing NHS primary care services. With ever-increasing demands and limited funds, the level of service we are able to provide is likely to decline if we do not take action. Not only will this affect patient care but it will also affect the quality of life of staff working at our Practices. Therefore, practices in Runcorn and Widnes have agreed to work together so that we can continue to provide the level of care that the people of Halton need and deserve.

As a result, we have set up a Private Limited Company called GP Health Connect Limited, with each GP Practice being a shareholder. Our Constitution is outlined in our Articles of Association (available from Companies House) and all our Practices have signed up to our Shareholders Agreement. Our Company Number is 10334174 and we were incorporated on 17 August 2016.

As current providers of primary care GP services in Halton, we know the area and we know our patients. We also know our partner organisations in the wider local health and social care economy (both primary and secondary care) and have already worked with them on an individual Practice basis. Significantly, we know where gaps exist in the current service provision and we know where the opportunities are for real improvement.

For more information, please read about Our Goals and Our Vision and Values.