Our Goals



Our goals for the next 2 to 3 years are based on building on what we have started and making it a success. A success for patients and a success for our practices. It is our aim to improve quality, efficiency and consistency of primary care service across the Borough. At the same time we will improve the work-life balance of Practice staff.

To do this we recognise the need to consult with patients on a regular basis and for their feedback to form a key part of our ongoing plans. Equally, we must continue to build relationships with other key providers in the Borough to help ensure we reach as much of the local population as possible. In working towards this, we also aim to make Halton a prime location for primary care clinical staff.

Our goals for 2017 to 2020

  • To ensure our patients’ views and needs are known and remain an integral element of our business plans. We will provide regular opportunities for debate, feedback and discussion with our patients across the Borough.
  • To build collaborative relationships with the CCG, the Borough Council, other providers and NHSE in order to transform primary care within Halton and build a high quality, sustainable service with and for our local population. We will actively support the development and delivery of the 5Year Forward View, Sustainability and Transformation Plans locally.
  • To work with the CCG and Practices to successfully improve quality and reduce unwarranted variation in patient care across the Borough and hence both improve patient care and release savings for further re-investment in services
  • To provide a platform for our member Practices to improve quality, efficiency and consistency of service. We will support the introduction of the 10 High Impact changes outlined in the GP Forward View
  • To support our member Practices in improving services and their work life balance. We will work together to make Halton the “go-to” place for primary care clinical staff – for employment, training, advice and support.
  • To secure ongoing funding of a sufficient level to achieve our Operational Plan
  • To work towards a unified Halton under one GP Federation