The GP Federation for Halton

We are a Federation of 9 GP Practices in the Runcorn and Widnes area.

Working together to sustain real improvements in both the care of our patients and our working lives.

Halton GP Foundation

Welcome to GP Health Connect

Giving patients and local communities the health and social care services they deserve.

Our GP Practices recognise the difficult times facing NHS primary care services. With increasing demand and limited funds, we realise we cannot achieve sustainable improvements to care (and to our working lives) without the ability to work at scale.

We have therefore formed a GP Federation under the name of GP Health Connect, to ensure long-term sustainability within our individual businesses.

As a result, we firmly believe this will give our patients and local communities the health and social care services and outcomes they deserve.

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What is a GP Federation?

General practices working together to deliver high quality, patient-focussed services.

A GP Federation is a group of general practices or surgeries forming an organisational entity and working together within the local health economy.

The remit of a GP Federation is generally to share responsibility for delivering high quality, patient-focussed services for its communities.

Across the country, GP Practices are recognising the benefits of working together. This does not change the responsibilities that each individual GP Practice already has. Instead it provides an additional opportunity to improve services and develop new ones at scale.

GP Practices Working Together

Want to find out more?

If you have any questions about GP Health Connect please read our frequently asked questions or get in touch.

The nine GP Practices who have joined the GP Health Connect Federation are listed below. If your Practice is not mentioned here, then this website does not apply to you.

Bevan Group Practice

Bevan Group Practices (Beaconsfield and West Bank), Widnes

Brookvale Practice

Brookvale Practice, Runcorn

Castlefields Health Centre

Castlefields Health Centre, Runcorn

St Pauls Health Centre

Grove House Partnership, Runcorn

Murdishaw Health Centre

Murdishaw Health Centre, Runcorn

Newtown Surgery

Newtown Surgery, Widnes

St Pauls Health Centre

Tower House Practice, Runcorn

What are the benefits of a GP Federation?

Helping our GP Practices to be more efficient and to offer improved healthcare to patients.

Firstly, patients and communities across Halton can expect improved access to a broad range of primary healthcare services. We will strengthen the capacity of practices to develop new services out of hospital and will also ensure that all patients have access to the same level of care, no matter where they live in the Borough.

Secondly, by working together, sharing knowledge and resources, our GP Practices can run more efficiently and improve the quality of services they provide. We aim to improve local service integration across practices and to strengthen clinical governance.

OK, but what does this all mean to me?

If your Practice is not part of GP Health Connect, this does not affect you at all. If it is, then read on.

By working together, GP Practices in Halton will be able to share resources and to help each other out in times of need.

This means that we will be able to improve our service to you.

Your existing Practice will remain responsible for your healthcare and you should continue to work with them as normal. However, if your Practice is unable to offer you a suitable appointment, they now have the option to offer you an appointment at a Practice elsewhere in the Borough.

This is very much a positive change.

It does not mean that GP Practices will be closing or merging or that there will be fewer GPs. It simply means that all Practices within GP Health Connect will work together to deliver improved primary healthcare services across Halton.

Please read our frequently asked questions for more information.

You will benefit from improved primary healthcare no matter where in Halton you live.